Drugline is a full-text database with evaluated drug information. The database was developed in 1984 at the Drug Information Centre (Karolic), Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.

It contains questions and answers, which have been handled by the regional Drug Information Centres at departments of clinical pharmacology in Sweden, Odense (Denmark), and Turku (Finland).

Karolic is responsible for the administration of Drugline and each centre is responsible for its own questions. The questions in the database are patient related and concern adverse effects, drug interactions, drug therapy and drug treatment during pregnancy and lactation.

Drugline contains over 14 000 documents. The documents within the database are written in Swedish or English. Drugline containes approximately 35% questions and answers in English and the proportion of English documents is steadily increasing.

This open online application Drugline was developed by SIDI in collaboration with Seibo Software Studios and Sophilabs