Bye-laws of the Foundation

Swedish Institute for Drug Informatics (SIDI)

(translated from Swedish)

9 november 2010

  • §1 The Foundation is named “Swedish Institute for Drug Informatics” (SIDI) and is a working foundation registered in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • §2 The purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to and promote access to evidence-based, quality-assured scientific information on medical drugs, their use, benefits and risks, for health-care personnel as well as the general public, on a local, national and global scale.

  • §3 The purpose of the Foundation shall be achieved by:

    Developing, using and investigating information and sources related to drugs, drug use and similar therapies, on the basis of science, evidence and truth.

    Developing, using and investigating IT and software systems for management, search, analysis, visualization and distribution of information on medical drugs and their use.

    Owning, operating and publishing the results of research and development.

    Using open communication protocols and technical standards as well as open and free software.

    In cooperation with various partners, using the results of development to make information and services accessible and understandable to wide spectra of user groups, specialists and researchers.

  • §4 The Foundation shall have no religious or political affiliations.

  • §5 The activities of the Foundation shall be financed by contributions from Swedish and international organizations and individuals who wish to support efforts to provide health-care personnel and the public with free and independent access to easily understandable information and services about medical drugs and their use. The Foundation shall also secure funding for its activities by offering the foundation's competence and results of development activities in the form of user licenses and consulting services. The Foundation shall have the right to own shares in commercial enterprises and other legal entities in order to facilitate utilization of its development results and competence, and to secure revenues.

  • §6 The Foundation shall be governed by a Board of Directors that shall consist of at least three and at most seven members who together appoint a Chairman of the Board. One of the members of the Board shall be appointed by the founders, as long as any one of them is alive. The Board’s members shall have experience of national and international cooperation in development and research as well as experience of working with medicines and medical research or with research and development of IT- and information systems. The Board shall have competence in and experience of private industry as well as public-sector and non-profit organizations nationally and internationally. The first Board of Directors comprises:

    Associate Professor Ylva Böttiger, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Stockholm.

    Professor Lars L. Gustafsson, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (Board Chairman).

    Professor Björn Pehrson, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Stockholm.

    Daniel Rodriguez, IT-engineer, Seibo Studios AB, Stockholm

    Anders Wijkman, former member of the EU parliament, Stockholm.

  • §7 The Board of Directors is responsible for bookkeeping and for establishing a yearly budget. It is also responsible for providing an Annual Report as required by Swedish law. The fiscal year shall coincide with the calendar year, and the Annual Report must be finalized by April 30 of each year.

  • §8 The Board of Directors shall meet at least twice a year or at the request of the Chairman or an individual member. At the last meeting before April 30 the Board shall adopt an Annual Report, including the financial statements for the previous year. At a meeting during the period September- December the Board shall adopt a plan of activities and a budget for the coming year.

  • §9 The Board of Directors’ governance shall be audited by at least one authorized accountant.

  • §10 The Board of Directors is authorized to decide on acquisitions, the sale and mortgaging of real estate, and loans. The financial assets of the Foundation shall earn interest at acceptable/minimal risk.

  • §11 In the event that the Foundation is terminated, all existing assets and copyrights shall be transferred to another organization that is independent of industry and commercial producers, and that operates in the same spirit as the Foundation, e.g. The Swedish Society of Medicine (Läkaresällskapet).

  • §12 Changes to these bye-laws shall be decided unaminously by a complete Board of Directors, without the approval of Swedish authorities, on condition that the changes do not contradict the purpose of the Foundation as stated in §2.