Drugle - A semantic search engine for pharmacology and medical drug information

Drugle is a semantic search engine specialized for pharmacology and medical drug information. Drugle is a project and system initialized and sponsored by Lars L. Gustafsson at Karolinska Institutet and developed and managed by Seibo Software Studios.

Intended audience and users

Drugle is a search engine for producer independent and authorative information on pharmacology and medical drugs on the Internet. As such it is intended to function both as a general point of reference as well as a decision support system. The intended audience can be categorized as follows:

  • Healthcare personnel, ie doctors, nurses etc.
  • Patients and relatives of patients.
  • Researchers and academics.
  • Medical students.
  • Healthcare information & process managers.
  • Healthcare software systems via web service API.
  • The general user.

Drugle can easily be integrated with other healthcare applications and systems via its web service API. Typical examples of such applications are EHR and drug prescription systems. By continuously adding new information and data sources, building and adapting a semantic knowledge base and by developing specialized search profiles Drugle will be able to serve the varying needs of different user groups in a consistent manner and via a standard interface.

Key Features

Notable key features of Drugle are:

  • Indexes virtually unlimited amounts of pharmacological and medical drug information and data.
  • Continuously updates indexing information.
  • Continuously adds new sources of information and data.
  • Analyzes gathered data and indexes it based on its internal structure, which enables a search resolution that is higher than the individual documents or data items themselves.
  • Supports boolean and probabilistic search models.
  • Search algorithms are both model and terminology based.
  • Supports synonyms and lexical proximity.
  • Advanced search term syntax.
  • Profile and context based search features.

Terms of use

Drugle will be free to use for the general public, but the number of requests from any given IP-adress will be limited per 24 hours. For more requests an account must be registered and a fee must be paid. The complete terms of use and a pricing plan will soon appear here. The demo installation The demo installation is free for unlimited use. However the demo installation may be removed or upgraded at any time with no prior notification. The demo installation currently indexes the following information:

  • SPC:s from European Medicines Agency (EMEA), EU.
  • SPC:s from Läkemedelsverket, Sweden.
  • SPC:s from National Health Service (MHRA), UK.
  • SPC:s from Asociación Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios (AEMPS), Spain.
  • List of recommended drugs from the Department of Drug Management and Informatics (LMC) in the Stockholm County Council (SLL), Sweden.


  • SPC stands for Summary of Product Characteristics. The SPC is the formal specification of the product characteristics for a given drug. All drugs approved by a national drug registration authority must have a registered SPC.
  • REC stands for Recommended Drug.
  • DDI stands for Drug-Drug Interaction.

Custom adaptions and installations

Drugle can be adapted to the needs of specific organizations and dedicated and password protected Drugle installations