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Drugline launched

SIDI, together with the drug information central at Karolinska University Hospital is launching the database Drugline on the 1st of January. The database contains approximately 14 000 questions and answers form drug information centers in Sweden, Odense in Denmark and Turku in Finland. Most of the documents are about adverse effects of drugs, drug interactions and drug use during pregnancy and lactation but many other drug related questions have also been answered.

The database can be found on the URL http://www.drugline.se and is open for anyone although the documents are written and intended for health care personnel.

The project is supported by the Internet foundation (https://www.iis.se/vad-vi-gor/internetfonden/). SIDI has contributed with the technical infrastructure of the search engine Drugle which is in the bottom of the Drugline solution. The project has been driven by Karolinska University Hospital together with Seibo Software Studios (Sweden) and Sophhilabs (Uruguay).